YOSUN was founded in 1983 with the purpose of providing the most innovative, versatile, reliable and cost effective measuring instruments for diverse industrial measuring applications. The precise measuring instruments are mainly from Japan , Europe , and United Stated as well-known brands throughout the world for offering superior value and performance. Solid product range from stop motion and rotational speed measurement, force, tension and torque control, hardness testing to eddy current, magnetic and ultrasonic non-destructive testing, optical and microscopic measurement, vibration, roughness and temperature inspection.

Quality and customer service takes priority at YOSUN. In this regard, our sales and application engineers, calibration technicians, service and repair team maintain the high quality standards to assure that every clint gets the top service..

YOSUN is receptive to the wishes and needs of customers through ongoing precision instruments, and continues to provide comprehensive, cutting edge products enabling customers to excel in their competitive environment.